Training account connection error, saying that my coupon is expired or invalid

Cannot login my training account

If you are unable to login then click on “forgot password” and change the password…

But if you are not able to access your training then follow the steps-
Steps to access the online training:

  1. Please visit this link
  2. Click on Enroll Now and fill in your details to SignUp on the site.(sign in, if you have already sign up)
  3. Now you will be shown the courses available.
  4. Click on “Enroll in Course for $130”
  5. You will be shown the page to pay for the course. Since you have already paid for the training, instead of making the payment again, click on Add Coupon and use the unique code which you hav got in your mail.
  6. Click checkbox to agree to Terms and Conditions and click on Enroll in Course.
  7. You will be shown the confirmation screen. Click on Continue to Course button to view your training.

the problem is not about my cloud, I can access to my cloud account, but when I click on course button it doesn’t show, it says that my coupon is invalid or expired

@sorikaba8 send a mail to regarding the issue you’re facing, they’ll reply you within 24 hours unless the day is weekend

ok thank you for your concern, I already got a mail, I hope this issue will be solved as soon as possible…

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