Training course can't be accessed

Hi, I had availed the Bolt IOT kit through COD and yet while enrolling to the course I’ve been asked to proceed to the payment. I’m also not able to avail the training course . I request you to resolve at the earliest and oblige ,thank you .

You have to put the coupon (received in your mail when registered online) in the coupon section while doing payment. after availing coupon the price will reduce to $0 and then you can avail your training.

You should consider to watch the video tutorial that you may have got on your email and if you had not received the mail please check your junk mail.

Please visit using the email id that you had used to purchase the kit and follow the instructions mentioned on the page to access the course.

hi @sheenaik26134,
I suggest you to share the image of your bolt kit to so that they can mark your order as paid and you can follow the instructions for the training access. I hope this information is useful. Do let me know in case you need anyother information.