Training problem

I’m unable to access the training for the IoT and ML program

Hi, for training access you need to search for the link in the registered mail and if not found then you need to go to

On this website you need to register using the registered mail, after registering you can the purchased course and start Learning.

Hi @mdabdulvasayhussain2 You may watch the video here: Instructions to access IoT and ML training for the steps to access the training. It covers all points. Let me know if you face any issues while following these steps.

I’ve watched the video, but the ‘go to course’ option has not been enabled for the training and the payment status has not been changed from pending to paid even after paying the amount to the delivery person

Hi @mdabdulvasayhussain2 Apologies for the issue. This should be now fixed and you should be able to click on the go to course option. Do confirm the same.

Thank you sir,the issue has been solved