Training report

Hi my college wants a report on bolt iot and ml training along wuth the certificate can anyone help me to get report from bolt iot, so that i can submit it in my college

Hi @loharshweta,
Can you please explain exactly what kind of report you need? I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Hi @loharshweta,
We need proof from your college that the same is required. Kindly send the same to .

Also along with the proof, you have to create a detailed report entirely by yourself. We will only review it and approve and sign it as required.

Send the report and the proof in the same email. A proof can be:
a screenshot of an email,
or a letter
or any document from your college that says the report is required.

If none of this is available, we need a note from your college professor in writing.