Training videos is not open

How should I proceed.

First you Sign Up in this site:
Next: Login
Next: Go to this website
Next: Click ‘GO TO COURSE’ button
Your training is start

I have already enrolled .but how should I login in the training?

pretty sure that you have got a mail from boltiot regarding your training. click enrol now and use the code they’ve sent to you to skip the payment.(as you have already paid) and then you will be all set. Cheers!!

I already login the account with the coupon provided by u and completed the introduction of the cources but now it is asking to login again .if my problem is not understood can I call u once . please clarify my problem.

Sir please reply me to my problem I can’t understood to solve my problem

Login again with the same email id and password you set at the time you enrolled for the training course

Logout or sign out or research the website by removing and then adding new tab


Make sure you are logged in using the email id that you used to enrol in the course for the first time ie "".