Trash Talker Error "Unable to convert value into integer"

I am working on this project and connected this as given but the problem is I am unable to convert the value from ultrasonic sensor into integer into my python program.
As this is working fine in audrino but in Python it is giving this error.

Hi @roddshan,

It seems that your Arduino is not properly connected with the Bolt WiFi module.

Please check the connections between the Arduino and the Bolt Wifi module.

Let me know if you still need further help.

why we have written to read pin 10 via serialRead…We have not specified pin 10 anywhere except where we are directly taking input.

Hi @roddshan:

It is not pin 10, that the bolt.serialRead(‘10’) is referring to.

Here, ‘10’ means the ascii character 10, which stands for the enter button. The function reads from the serial port of the Bolt WiFi module, until it received the character for the enter button.