'Trigger' option in Bolt Cloud

what does ‘Trigger’ option stands for in bolt cloud (hardware configuration) and how can we use it?

Selecting “Trigger”, will inform the Bolt to push the data to the Cloud, everytime a configured pin on the Bolt changes states from high to low, or low to high. This rate allows you to update the state of the pins to the Bolt Cloud once in every 4 seconds.

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I suppose , “Trigger” indicates the frequency at which the data will be deployed onto the cloud.

Let’s consider the Light Monitoring example in which we are tracking the light intensity using the LDR .Say if we would like to collect the data for every 5 minutes that means we deployed total code at 5:00 am then the next data point will be collected at 5:05 am by default , as we picked the trigger as 5 minutes .

This is how trigger helps us in getting the value of the sensing data repeatedly for the trigger time selected.

Simply we can say it like we are asking the Bolt to check the value of the measuring element connected to the corresponding pin for every “trigger”(example: 5 minutes (default)) time specified in the hardware .

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