Troubleshooting in connecting bolt to wifi

i have connected the bolt to my phone few months back and now I have again restarted the course and now i have connected the my phone to the bolt modules hotspot but how to make it connect to the internet i can’t find any options in the bolt app to connect it to internet please help me!!

Repeat these steps from starting ,
#On the first phone install the Bolt IoT Setup app.
#On the second phone create a WiFi hotspot.
#Open Bolt IoT app in the first phone and log in with your login credentials
#Click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions till you reach the screen to select WiFi network.
#Select the WiFi network you have created in step 2 on the second phone and enter the password for the network and click “CONNECT” button.
#Once you click connect the Bolt will restart and connect to WiFi network created on the second phone. If it connects successfully then the Blue LED will stop blinking and become stable. This might take a few seconds so please wait.
#While the Bolt restarts, you can proceed with the setup process in the app on the first phone to link the Bolt to your cloud account and complete the process.
#If the Blue LED is still blinking then the Bolt might not have been able to connect to the WiFi network due to an incorrect password. Please repeat the above steps in such a scenario
#If it is not connecting to the wifi, then re install the app and try once again
#Blue LED - blinking slowly means it is transmitting its hotspot and is ready for the setup

  • blinking fast means device is connected

It is saying device is already registered . if I try doing with different account and tell me how to do without second phone ( with WiFi)

Check whether your WiFi module is connected to your bolt app. Also, make sure that you have a strong internet connection.
send sreenshots that u were facing so that i can get to know clearly about the problem

When I open the app then it directly shoes me this

And I can’t find the option to connect the wifi i must have been connected it to some wifi and I don’t know which one I connected to so please tell me how to get that option to connect wifi in app

repeat the step, it will ask to connect to wifi
then connect to wifi , which u would prefer , note that as the module is connected to wifi, green led will glow which means your module is connect to that wifi connection.
If you are trying to connect to the university/college Wifi it may require access or this site may be blocked.
(note that this wifi connection is required at every time when u want to connect to the cloud)

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I too face the same problem so i uninstalled the bolt app and again installed and followed the steps again now its working

In order to resolve this follow these steps:
1.Powerup your bolt wifi device using a phone charger / your PC (via USB cable).
2.Turn on the mobile data and hotspot of your phone.
3.Now the green light will indicate that the device is connected to the bolt cloud.