Troubleshooting on Bolt Module

Both the LED green and blue lights are turned OFF even after connecting the device to the laptop through USB. Can anybody say, what happened to my device? If my device doesn’t work, how to fix the device?

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Have you checked your connection with the USB cable on the USB port of BOLT module?

Try using a different USB cable and may be try to plug it to the socket using an adapter and check if the blue light glows or not .If blue light still does not get switched on then it may mean that there is a problem with your wifi module.

Yup, done this too. But no result. Till the lights are OFF. In this case, what should I do?

Write a mail to and ask for replacement of your module. Mention order no. in mail body. And send from your registered email ID preferably.


Can you shoot a video of the behavior and share the same with