Troubleshooting to add image

This is my code

And this is my result

Whats the problem
There the photo didnot viewed in

Anyone may help me?

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Hiii @s.jayeshchennai
I also faced the same problem at first. You have to add that image in the same folder where your index.html file is located. Only then the image will appear on the screen.!

these images will also appear in the sublime text editor inside the index.html file.


The img is already in there… But it’s not apear… I use my mobile for coding this…

Any other idea ?

Hii @s.jayeshchennai
Try the image with lesser kb at first.
If the laptop or desktop is available try doing the code on it. It’s easier to troubleshoot on laptop.

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I tried the same thing in my laptop… Then I could find the image on webpage…

In mobile it’s not able to view the image

Hi all!!
We can even view the image in mobile phone.

1.I have just downloaded image from google.
2.Then I Copied the image in coffee shop file as shown below.

3. I renamed the image shorter.
4. Next I wrote a image tag as shown below.

5. Save » preview » quick preview.
6. Finally I got my output!!

Hope so u will also able to get the output using mobile phone!!

Try to keep whole browser link of that image or add a command ‘alt’,whenever image not loaded then the text you given for this command will display.
eg:img src=“” alt=“BOLT MICROCONTROLLER”