Turn on the led ights using my phrase project

the led lights are not glowing on my phrase. i followed all the steps clearly and but instead of turning on the lights ,its showing me related search details.

u must check ur code once

can u plz help help me with the codes …

if u explain me a bit about ur work like from where did u copied the code nd etc thn i will trynna best to resolve

this is the link from where i copied …

ur code is absolutely correct. Have u chkcd ur connections once??

digitalWrite?pin is in same line

yes ,pin is in the same line

i only have to write the code in webhooks na ??

yess u have to chk in webhooks. Have u completed ur telgram section ??

no. …i dont think that there is a link between those two …instead of telegram i have performed the task with the help of twillio

Check for spaces correctly. When i did that i have mistakenly have a extra space. Do check it correctly.

Also use google assistant connected to account which is same as for IFTTT.

sir can u help me in conf.py file of telegram_alert?

Yes. I think u might have problem in channel id

yes sir i am not able to exactly fill the values

Api_key and device_id are same as of bolt .
Channel id will be : @channel name
Here, u have a link in telegram like t.me/channel name.

You have to put @ sign and without any space type channel name .

Then u have fill bot id as : “bot(your bot id )”

Here, you will have a bot token id …which is bot id you have to copy paste that without any brackets and spaces which i have put above
Ex. telegram_bot_id - “bot800288519:AAEQV4GUDIBSOBXO52HKj8”

sir but there is chat_id do w=i have to add channel name???/

Yes, chat_id and channel_id is same …you just have to put @channel_name from your telegram channel link

sir m uploading plzz help

You are getting error while running this?