Turning on Aircon when room heated up

Our company has a server room with an aircon which we suppose to turn on when we leave the office. However, sometimes the last person who leaves the office somehow forgot to turn it on and cause the servers to get heated up and shut down.

I am trying to build an IoT system that monitors the temperature of the server room (LM35) and if the temperature rising to a threshold, it will send an “ON” signal to the aircon. Is there a device in BOLT which I can send this sign to the aircon?

Thank you.

No,there is not any such device that can send the message directly to the aircon. But there is a way for the LM35 to send you a message through telegram and then you can remotely turn the AC’s ON and OFF using your mobile.

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If Aircon provides API using which you can control it, then yes. You can do this using Bolt module and our cloud.