Twilio account information

1.How long is the free trial period of twilio?
2.Is Twillo chargeable after the trial peroid is finished?

@arorasimran006 Twilio gives a small credit for testing out their services. Their services will be free until the credit is available.
When the credit expires or is exhausted, your Twilio account will be frozen until you pay or recharge your account. Have a look at the page below for more information.

what is the credit amount of twilio?

how many message can we send from twilio free trial account?

@arorasimran006 Usually Twilio gives a credit of 5$ for using a trial of their services. The number of messages you can send depends on the rate of each SMS.
I would suggest you get in touch with Twilio support to know exactly how many SMSs you can send using your trial account.

From twillio we will get a credit of $15.50. Also we can use it for only one product. That is the initial product. If we create a 2nd programmable sms project we wont be able to avail trillio phone number as they will ask something like trillio phone number should be verified.