Twilio account setup for creating a programmable message alert

hi friends,
I unable to get all options related to twilio setup . it seems that the twilio has updated thier sites.which making me confused what is the steps to make a product { a programmble message alerts} .please reply with screen shot of each step.

Those in need of programmable message can use to start a project:

Are you aware of FUNCTION APP as well as TWILIO FUNCTIONS.
If so, I need a help.
Please share your mail ID to share you the steps involved for programmable SMS.

i have no idea regarding FUNCTION APP.

You can find the pictorial reference for step by step procedures to start working with twilio applications.

With the “Build with Programmable SMS” page, please fill the message body you required or you also have option to address incoming SMS to your twilio account by using one of the Messaging services offered with Twilio.

Feel free to post your queries as well to discuss on Twilio messaging services, please share me your mail ID to have a discussion call.