Twilio Account Setup!

Hi Sir,

Had created account on twilio using this url, which was specified in the course,(,but the thing was that that i din come accoss all the fields mentioned in the Screenshots loaded in the course, like language, SMS, account notification and all, what i noticed was havr attached in the below image.

Sir also wanted to know if the credentials enterd in the code are proper.

@pednekarruchika You can sign up for a free/trial account on Twilio and get the credentials once your account is created.

Sir did an account, but can we edit the settings, like changing the language, as i din mention the language as python, so i dont know if things not working is due to that o smthng els… possble than.plz do figure out for me…

@pednekarruchika The API calls to Twilio will be done by the Python code which you will need to write. For this you need the API credentials which can be found from your Twilio account.

Had put all. D credntnls Sir, aftr it als found that things are not working.

@pednekarruchika What error are you getting? A screenshot would be very helpful