Twilio Account Setup

@shoeb.ahmed @rahul.singh1
I signed up at Twilio using the same link( mentioned in the tutorial but I didn’t come across the same Sign-Up! page as provided in the tutorial and due to that I am unable to locate my Twilio Dashboard.

Hi, you are right . Thats because of changes that Twilio made on their website.

Signup on the page and select relevant option out there.
If you need more help during signup reply to this comment.

Hi, @kunalgupta2616 , I have already signed up but the Twilio dashboard is not visible.

@maneet499. I think you must try sign out and login again . If that doesn’t work try to login from other browsers present on your pc.

@kunalgupta2616. Did you try the same? cause it doesn’t matter which browser we use, the website will stay the same.

You can click on the white Twilio logo on the top left corner, which is a hyperlink. It will lead you to your Project Dashboard.

I tried that earlier but it refreshed the same page…

You should try the same on a different browser. It may work!

My query got resolved, sorry for bothering you all.