Twilio free or not


If twilio is free or paid one?


On registering you are granted a trial balance. You can use their services, albeit limited, from this balance. You’ll probably need to pay for your account if you wish to continue after the balance extinguishes.


How much they will provide initially?? If that’s sufficient for the course


On registering you will get nearly about $20 as i got $25. Don’t worry it will be sufficient for your course.


Yes it is not free but they give trial balance. I got $15.50 trial balance and it was sufficient through all the training .


When you create an account on twilio for the course you will get a trial account which us sufficient for the course completion and learning about the associated projects. But since it is a trial account the sms notifications received from twilio won’t be prompt, there will be a few minutes delay for the sms to reach the recipient number. You can remove this by buying a premium version of twilio, but it is not at all mandatory for the course completion and learning.