Twilio sms not received

I ran the python code for temperature monitoring system successfully.
The temperature exceeded the max limit and made a request to TWILIO.
it received a response with account s_id and status says sms is QUEUED.

The twilio console shows that message is sent but there are no messages displayed in message logs.

I didnt receive any SMS on my phone also.
How do i get the SMS ?

@sharanphineas It is not a problem with your script or with Twilio also since you are getting a response that the message has been queued.
The issue may be because you have turned on DND(Do not Disturb) on your mobile number which is causing the issue with the delivery.
Otherwise, it may be just a network delay since your Twilio account may be a trial version and there is no SLA for delivering messages in a timely manner for trial accounts.

Once check the settings if twilio that the status is in enabled or in disabled position.

When it is in disable position,we can’t get the message for our phone but the message is shown in the dashboard of programmable sms

its problem with twilio with indian numbers. Tried many time but its not working. but i got status as queued

Hi @vr905900 and @kraishwary16

One tip : If DND is activated on your number then you will not be able to receive message on your phone number . Try registering a new number that does not have DND activated.

Check this link

1.Check the data you filled in .py
2.Check if your phone is on DnD.
As it is already showing queued , just wait.It’s just a network/operator/twilio-user-preference matter.
Normally , you will receive the message after 8hours.Or maybe a day. Mine took 16 hours.
So in case of twilio , 24hrs is the max time till you get your msg. So sit back , relax , and enjoy complete your further training.

I am getting this in my what to do now…can you help me please

I am getting this…now what to do… please help me

There is an indentation issue with your code.Check the use of spaces or tabs.Please send screenshot of full code for more help

for This isssue you have to first complete the email verification of your twilio
If it is done already then you have to wait for some time near about 8 to 10 hrs if you get then okay otherwise you have to signup with another email.
As the twilio get your sms queued then you have to wait to get sms on your mobile as there no error you have to just wait for some time you will get the sms.

This is the code that i have written…i have checked each line but then also same error is coming…Please help me


The issue seems with the last line where you are using sleep.

The indentation is not correct. You might have to add one more space to correct it.