Twilio SMS service issue

I am working on the temperature sensing assignment and I have successfully managed to get the result yet I am facing the issue with getting the SMS alert on my mobile as the SMS status at Twilio is queued. I have tried all the debugging options available on the Twilio console also my mobile number is verified by the console and also I have disabled both the DND and spam protection features on my phone. So is it a issue of network glitch or anything else?. There is no error number I have received as such to mention during the output run.
Please guide

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar,

Try running the code at some other time.

During times of high SMS usage, Twillio differs and gives priority to paid customers.
This intern leaves customers who are working on Twillio sandbox high and dry with no SMS.

Running your test at another point in time is a good way to confirm the same.

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