Twilio website is not opening

I am not able to acces the twilio website. When I click on the link provided by the Bolt… It takes me to new tab but it says “The site cant be reached”.

I tried many times, I even restarted my computer and tried but still its not opening due to which I cant create an account on Twilio.

Hello @alkajohn, please try to sign up to Twilio using this link :
I hope this fixes your issue. Do tell me if it does.

@gokz1119 Nope… Its still the same.

@alkajohn please try using a different browser . Do tell me if it works

@gokz1119 Nope. I had tried that also… But still its not happening. I don’t know what is wrong.

Hello there may be the server problem… please try after sometime.

I don’t think it is a server error, since I can access the same website without any problem every time. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that the server would be down for such a long time. @alkajohn, Maybe try using a different device, maybe your mobile phone.

Heyo @alkajohn

I see your issue. I faced the similar issue with Telegram. I couldnt open on my browser.

But the reason behind is simple. Some operators ban few sites like I use Jio internet and Jio bans Telegram.

Your operator whichever it is might have banned the Twilio.

SOULTION is------> VPN

Install Opera, It comes with inbuilt VPN. You will only have to enable it in settings.

This should work,I am quite sure. But still let me know.


  1. you open your crome in incognito mode
    click on above link
    i hope your issue is solve.

@alkajohn Thats great that it worked. You may wanna mark my post as Soltuion for if others may face similar issue they can refer to it.

Thank you so much. @spriyam095

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But On my side it works fine .