Twitter developer account setup


Some users have an issue with setting up the Twitter developer account. Due to this, we have faced difficulty in inviting them to the Twitter developer portal.

To solve this, we recommend you to follow the steps below,

  1. Check if you have added both your email ID and mobile number to your Twitter account. Twitter does not allow users to users to be a part of a developer portal without this info.
  2. Check if you have verified both your email ID and mobile number.
  3. Check if your email notifications are active by going to
  4. Check if you had applied for or are a part of an existing Twitter developer account. If you had previously applied for a developer account or if you are a part of an existing developer account, we will not be able to invite you. This is a limitation of Twitter and we cannot do anything about it currently.
  5. Add a profile picture for your account. Please do not add any random image to your account. It is recommended to add your own picture to avoid Twitter marking your account as spam.
  6. Check if you have been active on Twitter for the past few days. Otherwise, you will need to either make a few tweets and follow some accounts on Twitter. Follow our Twitter handle “@boltiot” and tweet something with the hashtag #boltiot



Hello Shoeb,
Thanks For sharing this topic step by step. Its great post and help me a lot. please keep continue posting.