Ubuntu Installation Error

Help me to solve this error. I am not able to move further.


Can you please click on the Arrow beside ‘Details’ and send a screenshot of it?

We solved a similar query here, you can take a look as well -

will check on the link sir. So, am I supposed to download the VMWare and work on it sir?


Looks like Virtualisation is disabled in your Computer. To enable it you need to go through the BIOS settings, which is definitely not recommended by us for you to do it yourself.
You can either go to the nearest Repair center and ask them to turn it ON for you, or you can view a tutorial on the internet on how to turn on BIOS for your Laptop brand(and turn on Virtualisation).

Other way around is -

You can followup with the other alternative i.e. DigitalOcean or Use Repl.it (VMware, Virtualbox, Digital Ocean all are not working : Solved )

Yes sir, will use Repl.it.
Thank you