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Can we write python code by installing boltiot module in vscode simply instead of writing on ubuntu

@setikaraj One can write and execute the python code, which does the UART and GPIO communication, only after using the boltiot python library. So even if you are writing python code in VS code (or any other IDE) you must have that boltiot python installed on your local machine.

Extensions for VS code simplifies your work, there can’t be a package in VS code for some functionality. Like prettier or Live server, they makes the job of the user using VS code easy. I hope it clears your doubt :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping😊

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Bolt’s motive was to make the students familiar with linux based OS. So that in the future, if you’re using Raspberry Pi or any other mC for programming or making devices, you dont face issues with using the shell.

Other than this, all you’ll do is run python. Might as well use any Python IDE like VSCode, Anaconda Navigator etc.

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