Ubuntu Password

My Ubuntu did not ask for changing my password and shows 0 packages and 0 updates. It is normal or did I go wrong anywhere?

@shriyagandreti.1322 can you tell me what is the version of Ubuntu server you are using?

Iā€™m using windows and choose to download 64bit file

Hi @shriyagandreti.1322,

It is fine. Are you able to run your python program using sudo ?

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sir on putty when i m using sudo command it is asking for the password and when i enter the password which i used to login into putty it shows failed attempt

Hi @mohdaquib154,

Did you create the user aquib on your droplet ? The default username is root on digital ocean. ssh with your root account and you will be able to perform all the task.

Or you have to add the user aquib in sudoers file.

Check this link https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-a-sudo-user-on-ubuntu-quickstart

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

sir i used the command usermod -aG sudo aquib
bt then it is displaying the message that access denied

Hi @mohdaquib154,

Are you able to ssh using the root user? Type the below command to check the current user. You can allow the root permission to the user only from the root account.


Sir still i was facing the issue of not accessing the sudo command elevated privilages so i destroyed that previous droplet and created a new one and now i am able to access as root user with using sudo.
Thanku for this amazing support .
i hope destroying nd then creating new droplet is ok?

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