Ubuntu : System Reset Required!

what to do when ubuntu says System reset required?
When does it ask like this and what to do, in the sense…‘Should the Ubuntu guest be restarted or the host be restarted’?


Hello @tvmukhil
once i suggest you to go through the below link:

Hello. Since the System is showing to restart , the user should restart it using the restart command. For commands just type “man restart” in the console. Here man = manual. For searching for any other commands also just type “man” along with the need for command.
I hope this will be useful for you. please let me know your query has been solved.Thank you…

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Hello @renjinianju02
It says that ‘No Manual Entry For Restart’ …
What does it infer?

So just try the command ‘sudo reboot’ in your console…
And please let me know the results. Thank you.


You can ignore the warning.