UEFI Firmware settings

I am unable to find UEFI firmware settings.

actually if i am correct , then your question seems to be incomplete because u did not mention where you want to find , i mean for which platform you want to find UEFI firmware settings.
here are some steps for the latest windows that can help you out:

  1. Login to Windows and click on Menu.
  2. In the Menu, go to Settings.
  3. In Settings, scroll down a little and look for Update & security.
  4. In Update & Security, in the left sidebar, select Recovery and then in the right pane, click on Restart now. Don’t worry, it won’t restart right away.
  5. Disable secure boot in Windows, When you click on Restart Now, after few seconds you’ll see a blue screen like the one below. Choose “Troubleshoot” option here. In Troubleshoot, select “Advanced options”.

Select “UEFI Firmware Settings” .

Click on “Restart” button and this will actually restart your system and boot you straight in UEFI settings. That’s it. This is what you needed to do to access UEFI firmware settings in Windows 10.