Unable find product purchased using mail id

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I brought IOT and ML training kit from Bolt Iot… This was done in August 2021. I just created account in bolt cloud recently, unable to find product linked to my purchase. Mailed the same to bolt iot


Please follow the steps provided in the access card that came with the kit. The whole procedure to get started was provided in the QR code link in the access card.

In case you are unable to find the card, you can go through the link - https://boltiot.training/accesscard

Hi, tried those and got struck at page where you can see the orders purchased. It’s showing no orders were purchased using this account. So I have written to customer care along with purchase order, but they directed it to post here.

The product was brought on 23 August, 2021 and I created account in bolt iot on 16 th Jan, 2022, does this remove my eligibilty to access training?


No, you have to use the same Email ID that you have provided to us, when you bought the course. We have shared the course access to that particular Email ID. There is no time limitation to access the course, as it is available to you for lifetime.

We will help you in this case, but please confirm and assure the Email ID that you have provided when you bought the Training (in August).