Unable stop program

I have run program to send sms for checking if temperature sensor has crossed a threshold but I’m not able to stop the execution what is the command to stop it?

Kindly use Ctrl+C to stop the execution.

Since most of the programs have continuous monitoring it’s a infinite loop.In order to stop the program running you need to come out of the loop.So in the terminal just press Ctrl+C.

If you want to stop execution just use Ctrl+C in terminal.
It happens in infinite loop conditions.
Hope you got your solutions

To stop execution of program press Ctrl+C in terminal. After pressing Ctrl+ C you able to stop the execution of program.

To stop the execution you should use ctrl+c

You just use Ctrl+C to terminate the program.

to stop the program you have to use Ctrl+c after that you will be able to terminate it

Please use CTRL+C after that you will able to terminate code

to interrupt the program simply use ctrl + c then it will stop

hello ,
The Ctrl + C generates the keyboard interrupt, and it stops the execution of the current process in any programming language.

Use Ctrl+C to terminate the infinite loop.