Unable to accces bolt cloud from laptop

When I was trying to open boltiot cloud on my laptop via google account it took me to the following window

after that no dashboard was appearing in my cloud.
altough.I have installed bolt clout mobile app

You have to follow these steps carefully.
1- Make sure you have logged in a google/gmail account in your browser.
2- Click on link http://cloud.boltiot.com/ .
3- Now choose sign in with Google/Gmail.
4- Select your account.
If you have any further issue tell me.

Thank You.

I had already been logged in a google/gmail account,
still i am facing the same problem.dash board not opening.

If any one facing the same problem which was faced by me.

A another way to encounter these problem is to google bolt cloud through android smart phone via chrome and change its view to desktop site by clicking on the three dots present on upper most right side of your chrome.

I hope this would be helpful for you::pray:

Thank you!

Check once again if you were clicking on http://cloud.boltiot.com/training instead of http://cloud.boltiot.com/ . If you are not logged in cloud then first link won’t work and you ll see an error.

I had logged in,Earlier and several time I had used cloud boltiot through my laptop but dont know why these is not working from last few days.

just check how much screen size is there for the website because if you make the browser window small in size below 720 then it will appear.