Unable to access bolt cloud dashboard

Hi there … so, i am referring to your article ‘creating an account on IoT cloud service’. There’s this step where we verify our email, which i have done and then as per your article, i must be redirected to the bolt cloud dashboard. Instead, i am redirected to my login page, and then after a few leads, i hit a dead-end, wherein i have to signout. The welcome cloud iot page, to which i must redirected to, never appears.
Upon logging in, as and when redirected to that login page, i am led to this page (well before that, another page appears where i am asked about my details, and after i submit i get this):

The bolt iot app is already installed and i am forced to signout. How do i access my iot dashboard, sir ? Eagerly awaiting an answer …


I think you have done this in your android/ios.So step 1 is complete.After verification of the email,2)you need to use pc/laptop for the futher use.You must login into cloud.boltiot.com in pc/laptop with the same earlier verified details.,then use it

I think you are not using pc/laptop for step 2?


hi @akshayrbhat2015,
i am facing same issue in laptop

Hi @kaushi0400,

Please open the browser in full screen mode and it will work.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

good morning sir,
i am very thankful for your assistance . it was very helpfull :grinning: :grinning:

This kind of error mainly occurs when we try to use split screen for parallel working. So please use your browser in full screen mode and then try, it ma help you…