Unable to access bolt cloud dashboard


Hi there … so, i am referring to your article ‘creating an account on IoT cloud service’. There’s this step where we verify our email, which i have done and then as per your article, i must be redirected to the bolt cloud dashboard. Instead, i am redirected to my login page, and then after a few leads, i hit a dead-end, wherein i have to signout. The welcome cloud iot page, to which i must redirected to, never appears.
Upon logging in, as and when redirected to that login page, i am led to this page (well before that, another page appears where i am asked about my details, and after i submit i get this):

The bolt iot app is already installed and i am forced to signout. How do i access my iot dashboard, sir ? Eagerly awaiting an answer …



I think you have done this in your android/ios.So step 1 is complete.After verification of the email,2)you need to use pc/laptop for the futher use.You must login into cloud.boltiot.com in pc/laptop with the same earlier verified details.,then use it

I think you are not using pc/laptop for step 2?