Unable to access Bolt Cloud

I was running some code to check if my code is doing what I am trying to build, a few minutes ago everything was just working well with the cloud, the code was showing me its JSON data as ‘online and success = 1’ but after few minutes it showed me this when I was almost done programming it and tested my code:

I know this is temporary and will definitely sound boring to answer, but I seriously wanna know what’s going on at the backend there, is it just maintenance? @PPV

Just curious, thanks in advance Bolt Team.

@rahul.singh1 This problem is repeating, what does this mean? “You have been rate limited”
does it have to do something with ‘Bolt Cloud’ and ‘Bolt Cloud Pro Pakage’. Is this API request limited or something?

Hi @techieonmail,

Check this thread https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules.

Do let me know in case you have any more doubts or questions.

Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. Can you please tell me the code lines with which I can see how many API requests I am sending (in python) to make my program efficient and based on that if needed I will join the Pro-Bolt Cloud package?

I had faced the same problem while implementing a project. The best way to avoid this situation is to make sure that your infinite loop has a delay at the end. If you are calling multiple API requests in a function then try to increase the delay such that you don’t cross the API limit.

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Yeah, I already did that but my project becomes irrelevant after doing that like watching Netflix over 2G. Guess what I know the code works as planned, just needed to get some Turing machine done, I think I will take Bolt Pro.

Anyways thanks my friend I hope you are doing good. Giving you a heart :heart: cause you tried answering my problem.

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@techieonmail THE LIMIT ON API CALLS that’s the only difference I can find in basic bolt and bolt pro.

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Yeah, right. Thanks, giving you a :heart: too.