Unable to access course after break of 2 months

sir I get the course code 2 months ago and I logged in . But now I am unable to access the course as it says the coupon code is expired or Invalid. Please help me.

Can u show some pictures

Hi @mohdamaan2805,

You have logged in to training using the email id mohdamaan@boltiot.com 2 months before. Please login using the same email and change your email id from the profile section.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

The course code may show expired but still you can get access to the course videos.Click on ‘Go to course’. Enroll in the training with your email id and training access password , not the the password same as sign up password. Then you will be able to see the course videos.

I forgot the password that I use for training access. Please help

Sir I forget the password that I use for training access. Please help me Sir.

@rahul.singh1 How’d a customer/student have a boltiot email domain?

Hi @mohdamaan2805,

Please check this thread Forget the training access password for the update.

Hi @akshayan.sinha,

You can create the account on Bolt Cloud or trainings.boltiot.com using boltiot.com domain but you will not be receiving any email or send email, and start facing the issue similar to this.