Unable to access course due to signup through Google account

Sir, I unknowingly signed up in the cloud.boltiot.com through my Google account, without creating a new account in the cloud. Maybe as a result, I am not able to access the course.For convenience, I am pinning screenshot.

When I click on ‘Go to Course’, this page appears.
Please help.
Thank you.

In the screenshot that you had posted, I can see the sign up option and login option. So, first of all you can check once again by Login using your email and password. If it not works then try again by signing up by filling required details.

Also, Bolt cloud and Bolt Online training are two different web pages. So you have to sign up in both Cloud and Online training course with the same email and password, then only you can access them. Thank you.


Thank you Sir for looking into this.
Sir, when I’m trying to signup or login, it says e-mail is already taken.
Sir, basically I can sign into cloud, but not into the training.
Please look into the problem.
Thank you

Follow the instructions carefully as shown in the above link.

Some of the issues are due to below reasons.
1.If your payment is COD, you should wait for 2-3 days for the training access.

  1. Using the email during sign up for training which is different from the email that you had used while registering to the course. So login to Gmail in your PC / Laptop and follow the instructions given by BOLT IOT Emails.

@adwaithsnambiar70 Can you share the email ID of your cloud account? It may be that you have not signed in to trainings.boltiot.com.

Thank you SIr.
Sir when I click on ‘Enroll Training’, as shown in the video, the following window appears(attached).

Also in the previous window, a text shows that “The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available!”.
Thank you.

Thank you Sir for replying.
My E-Mail ID is adwaithsnambiar70@gmail.com
Thank you.

Thank You saikanna2016 sir and shoeb.ahmed sir for looking into my problem.
I think I have resolved this problem myself.
What I did was that, during the login page for training, I clicked on forgot password option.
I reset the password, and now I am able to access the course.
Thank you so much !!

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Thanks a lot, I had the same problem and clicking on Forgot Password worked for me too.