Unable to access my Cloud Account as lost access to Google account

I cannot access my Google account hence I can’t access my bolt cloud account. When I tried to register my device in New Google account they told your device has already been registered previously to another account and unable to add.

Firstly, you must use the account which you used to purchase the Bolt device/course. So, adding your device to a new account would not be possible. What you can do is - Recover access to your old google account using recovery email (alternate email ID provided while sighning up) , mobile number or the Security question which you had answered during google account sign up. Only then you can access you Bolt account.

That what I told I can’t access my Google account in any way. It has also 2 step verification with Google authenticator but that phone broke. So no access to Google account. Then how to register my boltiot to new account. I have the device. For proof of buying I have invoice and Amazon package box it came.

In that case, I am not the right person to help you out. Try contacting BOLT customer care. Send your concern to support@boltiot.com.

Sent lot of times.no response
All money waste including the training, certificate and that bolt device

@efibuz Please do not worry. The issue is not related to the Bolt Cloud account. You will need to get in touch with Google to reset the password of your Google account. You can check the link below for more help.

Once you have regained access to your Google account, you will be able to access your Bolt Cloud account. Since you had chosen to sign in to the Bolt Cloud using Google, Bolt IoT does not store your account credentials and will be unable to help you sign in to the Bolt Cloud until you regain access to your Google Account.

Why cant u aces your google account ?use the forgotten password if you forgot ur password

bro its very simple , do the verification with some others phone so,your account will be verified try and say… go to settings and google

I have only one device signed into my Google account and I can’t access that account anywhere else without my broken phone.

you can add account to other device if i am not wrong… and do the verification you can add account to that device ,all you need to know the password or you will get verification by registered mobile number try and say. it will activate your account

I don’t know password. I usually use Google singn in that was in that phone.

How do I know. That damn 2 step verification Google authenticator is the problem.

bro its ok you will be verified by your phone number so no problem bro try once

Yeah…i got otp…its just same response after entering otp…unable to verify account even though otp was correct…anyway leave the Google account issues. This is bolt account issues I have to solve now. I will contact bolt support.

bro try calling them in morning now its time can you share your screenshot for your login id of bolt

@efibuz The issue that you have cannot be solved by us. You will need access to your Google account to access the Bolt Cloud account as you had signed up using Google on the Bolt Cloud.
Since you have signed up using Google, the Bolt Cloud does not store your account details and as such will not be able to help you out in this case.
You will need to recover your Google account first.