Unable to access my enrolled product

My email id is ektam228@gmail.com and I am enrolled in course Artificial intelligence but now I am unable to access my course It shows that my coupon get expired

Hi @ektam228,

Have you reviewed the instructions for accessing the training? You can visit this link to watch videos that provide step-by-step guidance on accessing the training: Instructions to access IoT and ML training

Specifically, please refer to the third video titled Access code not applied automatically? within the link for steps to follow if the access code isn’t applied automatically.

Feel free to inform me if you continue to experience any difficulties.

Sir I am still unable to access my training course it shows that my coupon is invalid

@ektam228 We see that your AI training access code has been already applied and linked the the account with the email id ektanishu@gmail.com. Please confirm if this is your email id so that we can merge that data for it.

If it is your email id, you may continue using ektanishu@gmail.com to access the training.