Unable to access my training


I have brought the hardware kit and opted for IoT, AI, and ML course around 5 months ago. I was busy with other works and haven’t had the time to log in. Recently, when I’ve tried to login and access my training it shows no orders under my training option. So, I’ve sent an email regarding the issue and they’ve replied that I have placed the order using other mail(nagapriya.chilakapati@nttdata.com) which is not in use anymore. I don’t have access to that mail. Could you please help if there’s an alternative or if you could transfer my order to email - chsrinu.priya@gmail.com


We are looking into updating the email id linked to your order with the gmail id.

This may take about a day or 2. Please login to cloud.boltiot.com using the email id " chsrinu.priya@gmail.com" and go to cloud.boltiot.com/training to access the training on Wednesday.

Thank you for updating the training order to my email. But when trying to access the course and view training videos it’s asking for payment. I’ve clearly purchased the hardware kit and was granted free training but I am unable to access my training. Could you please look into it.