Unable to access pre-workshop prepration content

I am unable to access my pre workshop prepration content even after logging in multiple times. please help.

Hello sir, there is nothing like pre workshop preparation in BoltIot. Yet after ordering the course, the Bolt platform provides you with a link that takes you to bolt cloud. Here you log in and take a tour. There isn’t any pre workshop preparation material over here. I would like to suggest you to wait for the kit to arrive. Along with the kit you’ll get an access card for your training through which you’ll be able to begin your training. Don’t worry for limitation of time period of course. Once you have bought the course you can begin and end it whenever you want. Even after finishing the course,it doesn’t disappear from your id, so that you cab use it for future reference.

Hi @rohanparo,

You are already enrolled in the “Pre-workshop preparation for Live training on IoT and ML” with your email id rohan*****@gmail.com.

Please visit https://trainings.boltiot.com/ and login with your correct email id and then you can access the training.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.