Unable to access the Bolt exam page

I am unable to access the bolt exam page.I have completed 100% of training and want to appear for the test but whenever I click on http://cloud.boltiot.com/training I get “Sorry,we couldn’t find that page” as a response.
Also the email id with which I am accesing is the same as the email id used in training. The training for 7 students was purchased by the college’s email id . Could anyone please help with the issue.
I am attaching the screenshots too.

There appears to be some problem with the hyperlink. Copy and paste the the address. It should work.

Thankyou. I pasted the address on a new tab and it worked . But i received “There are no orders purchased via this email id”. Can you please help on this too? I am attaching the screenshot too.

Have you cross checked the email id as its suggested?