Unable to access training as coupon code is expired

After entering in course training page says The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! And I am able to access the course but videos are not available.
In the beginning, I used to use the option of sign in using google and I used to get access to the training so technically I never created an account in bolt but used google account to access the training, but now when I am trying to login again I do not see any sign-in via Google option so how should I access my training??
I am attaching 2 screenshots here where first shows the login page now and 2nd showing that my email is invalid.
Please help me as soon as possible.
Thank you for your help.

Can you share a small video regarding this ??

To login into the course you must enter the same email id which you used to enroll in the training , but if you have entered the right email address then it might be the case that your password is wrong as it is showing in the screenshot you have provided , so you just need to change your password by clicking on “forget password” option below.
Hope this might help you.

I tried that too but still no success as it says that we cannot find this email id in our system.

I am also trying to reach to bolt team but I have no success, I was told that my issue was told to their tech team but still I am not able to access my course.
I was told that I will have lifetime access but now…
please help me with this as I had already completed like 75% of the course and I want to finish it before lockdown.
I hope my issue will be resolved.

The course is of course for life time. even i was facing the same problem but after reaching out the support team, they asked me the course access code thereafter the issue was solved. It took time for me, may be due to lockdown effect, ur porblem will also get solve soon. Just keep trying to sign through ur pc/phone and report the issue to the support team till ur problem get solved.

Can you please provide the email id of support team??
I have been sending emails to Bolt but I am getting No respose from them.
Please do share the email id as soon as possible.
Thank you.

this is the mail id support@boltiot.com and below i have attached one of thr response

hope ur problem get solve soon


You have enrolled in the training using a different email id. From the backend, I can see that you have used "adityadatar2001@gmail.com" email id while enrolling in the training.

Please use the same email id to “login” to the training. Please do not enroll again as the access code that was provided to you was already used up while you enrolled for the first time. A message of invalid access code will be shown in that case.

If you do not remember your password, then please reset the same using the forgot password link.

Thank you soo much for your help.Actually I had given this email to get certificate from bolt.