Unable to access training even after 12 days

Dear Team,
I am Harsh jinger. I got the scholarship on 21/02/20. for this iot and machine learning course. My email address is harsh.jinger@students.iiserpune.ac.in .I am unable to access the Training yet.
The video on how to access training doesn’t play on https://cloud.boltiot/training. I have got the kit too. And have connected it to the bolt android app and the cloud account. Please help me out with this.
Thank You for your time.

Harsh Jinger

you must have not got the product or you must have not logged in on the website as soon as you get the product you will automatically see the go to course option under the training section after that you can easily access the course if this is not working u can contact the bolt iot

I have done all that you say and even more.

Hi Harsh! I had faced a similar situation when i got the scholarship. I wasn’t able to access the course till around 11 days after delivery of the hardware kit. However, upon contacting their customer service, I came to know that this can be sorted by reporting this issue in the ‘Get in touch’ box in the Contact section of the Bolt iot main webpage. Hence I advise you to do the same. Hope you get your matter sorted soon! Good luck.

@abhishekchildofbodom Hey Abhishek! thanks for the Advise. i will try that too.

Dear Team, Please fix the issue.


You have used “harsh.jingee@students.iiserpune.ac.in” email id while placing the order. Hence the training that you are supposed to avail is linked with the same.

Since there is a typo in the email, you won’t be able to verify your email on https://cloud.boltiot.com.

I have updated your email id in the backend. Please visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training and let us know if you are able to access the training.

Not Yet . I am still facing the same problem. I appreciate the help.


Can you please try to access this page again? From the backend I can confirm that your order has been linked with your email id.

Do not forget to refresh the page if you are not able see your order in the above page.