Unable to access training even the payment is made

i placed an order on 9th of jan and received my kit futher i completed 54% of my training and i didn’t login for some days as i login today to complete my training it shows that “The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available!”
Even i logged out and then logged in but stilll facing the same problem,although i,m able to take the certification exam and in the bolt cloud at the training orders it is also showing ‘clicl here to purchase your ml iot training’
what should i do now as it was clearly been told that the training never ends then am i facing such an issue.

pls help me out as i’m very keen to complete my course

Hi @sundransh_dutta
There must be a Log in button on the top right corner of the screen you are stuck on. Try logging in. If the problem still persists contact Bolt.

Happy Learning Again! :smiley:

I don’t think you need to buy again as the contents are available for lifetime. But Bolt team would be able to answer that more precisely and help you out.
@rahul.singh1, please help this guy out.

thank you for helping me out

Hey @sundransh_dutta
I also faced the same issue before few days.Please ensure that the mail id that you used to enroll previously was the same that you had used now.If it’s not the same log in again with the recent mail.If there is no change in the mail id you should try logging out and access the page trainings.boltiot.com and try logging again.Try these measures.Hope it will help you:+1: