Unable to accessthe course

Hello sir, why am i unable to do the course in my other different device(computer)?Please help me.

1)Check login id and password
2)Try to logout from the device from which you were doing the course then try to log in to the device through which you want to continue the course
3)In case if you have forgot your password then go to forget password

Hi @sekharpanda22
Follow these steps

  1. Go to cloud.boltiot.com and sign in with your email and password
  2. now go to cloud.boltiot.com/training
  3. There you will see a video popping up as how to access traing, Just click it and you will get clear steps of accessing training.
    Hope it is useful

If at all you are unable to log in from a different device, try these steps

  1. Log into your Gmail account through which you bought the course
  2. Login using the link present/available in the Gmail message that you received from support@boltiot.com
  3. If that doesn’t work, visit cloud.boltiot.com → Login using the Gmail used while buying the course → training section → Go to course
  4. Incase you have opted COD the course will be accessed after 2 days of delivery of the KIT