Unable to add a product in bolt cloud

at build product popup window DONE button does not worked even fill the correct details with or without image. does not show any error message. chrome browser which I am using

What is the version of your chrome browser ? Are you using any VPN ?

Also open console in chrome and share the screenshot of the console.

To open console -

Right click on the page -> Inspect element -> Console

87.0.4280.66 google chrome version

Hi @Prasad,

As you can see in the screenshot, Some files is not getting loaded because your internet/browser is blocking the script from loading.

To resolve this issue -

  1. Check if you have installed any privacy plugin or VPN (Uninstall that plugin or disable it for Bolt Cloud)
  2. Connect your laptop to some other internet connection and check if it working.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.