Unable to apply for the internship offers issued after the completion of the training for python programming

I am unable to apply for the internship offers which are available after the python training completion. How can apply for it?

@bhargavighanta9 The link you shared does not have the links to apply. Since you have completed the training and received the certificate of completion, you can visit Bolt Cloud. Here, under your listed trainings, you will see the option to apply for an internship. That will have the updated link.

Hi @bhargavighanta9
You might have received a message from Bolt Iot through whatsapp or mail saying that you are eligible for internship. The same message will also have a link which on clicking will take you to a page where you can read the conditions and provide your email account which you have already used for creating the account. Type and submit you mail id and wait for reply.
Thank you.