Unable to complete a lecture and go to the next part

Hello sir, I have asked you previously to unable to access the course .Now I have got the solution but I can not complete any reading passage and go to the next part, and also unable to start any video lecture.when I clicked on the start button of any video lecture, I am only seeing the blank page with only heading.Please give me solution for this problem…

Sir , I’m unable to complete the video session of building your first webpage . It is getting stopped at 5:02 mins and not playing. Can you please help me to continue with the training.

Yes the same is happening with me today

Hi @yaswanthamaraneni999 ,

Apology the inconvenience, We have fixed this issue now. Please try watching the videos again and do let me know in case you are facing any other issue.

Hi @sekharpanda22 and @palaksingh892000 ,

Apology for inconvenience, Can you record the video of this issue and share the video link with us ? I will check with our platform partner ?

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hi @palaksingh892000 Dont worry ,sometimes it happens even to me ,just refresh or reload the page of the session . clear the app or close the webpage and try again it will complete and move to next session ,keep trying …
hope it will helpfull.

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