Unable to connect bolt device with boltiot app

Though both green and blue lights are on,it is showing lost connection to bolt,plz help

Generally, if both blue and green lights are ON (stable) then that means everything is fine and your device has been connected to the bolt cloud over a wifi network.
But if it is showing " connection lost " then follow the steps again to add your device in boltiot mobile app. Try to use different wifi network or other mobile’s hotspot if you are unable to connect even though after adding device again.
To change the wifi network you can repeat the add device process and add new hotspot or wifi network when asked in the process of adding device.
Hope it helps…

Hi @khanbubun ,
Please record a video of your Bolt module and upload it on google drive and share the link so I can see the status of the lights. Also, share the screenshot of the error.

I think the problem is with your wifi connection. Please make sure its stable or connect to another wifi network with internet access by repeating the steps to add your bolt device.

not working with other wifi connection too

Shared scrrenshot of the problem faced,same problem faced with other android mobile and other wifi too.

Both lights are on!

with other android mobile too