Unable to connect bolt module to smartphone

I am unable to link my bolt module to my smartphone. blue LED has become stable,and the bolt device is also not visible in WiFi networks,I Dont’t know what happened to it.
I was trying to setup the device in bolt app of my smartphone and while connecting to cloud after i selected the WiFi network an error popped up saying no internet connection i waited a while and then pressed the back key.
can you people help me out identifying the problem and giving a workable solution.

Have you connected the bolt module to the cloud before or this is the first time?

It was already linked to bolt cloud,today I tried to connect it to another WiFi network but it failed to connect to new network as well as disconnected from the previous one

Try removing the device and setup it once again from the beginning. Wait for a while for the internet server to come and switch off the previous network it was connected with and then try it on for a new network.

power on the device then open your bolt iot app in your phone wait a bit it will surely been shown in you phone then connect it after that connect your phone with the other wifi network .


Stable Blue LED indicates that the device was able to connect to the wifi source.

Please update the app. We have updated the message that is shown during configuration process.

The message that you are shown is not an error message. It indicates that the device is connected to the wifi source, but your device is still not connected back to the internet source.

You have to wait for some time for the device to disconnect from Bolt’s hotspot and connect to router/data connection. If that does not happen, connect the mobile manually and click the retry button on the message.