Unable to connect Bolt Wi-Fi module to mobile phone

I connected once using mobile phone and got synced but the next day I tried again to connect with my phone but I wasn’t able to connect. Then I reinstalled the app and did once again I wasn’t able to connect but in the module the blue led was blinking very faster but I am unable to connect. Kindly solve my issue.

You should try turning wifi off an then on and then try to connect.

please try same wifi as you connected the the first time
enable the wifi and now, it is connected.
if it is not work then please reply.

I tried but I cant connect it but the blue led light is blinking fast even though I reinstalled its asks to add a device right that itself is not detecting just says try again with that man with beard picture… please help me

Try using the same phone you used the first time.

This problem happened to me as well. Restart the microcontroller and start from scratch to connect to your Wi-Fi. This time, it will get connected. follow the instructions as given in the bolt app and then check the connectivity. if the problem still persists, text to support@boltiot.com

@pgnanasekar21 how to restart microcontroller??

Switch on the power supply to the microcontroller if you haven’t. Then check whether the blue light in the microcontroller is blinking slowly.
Install the bolt iot app in your mobile phone (if it has been uninstalled). Go through the instuctions there too. Then your mobile should be connected to the microcontroller.(at this stage the blue light in your microcontroller will blink fast).Then connect your mobile to a wifi network or a hotspot. Then check whether the green light is on. If both lights are stable. You are good to go