Unable To Connect Bolt

I am unable to connect wifi module to cloud as shown in video lecture . can someone help me?

Hello, I will suggest you to check your hotspot configuration specially bandwidth. It should be 2.4GHz and also check network connectivity.
If still you are facing problem try to use laptop insist of mobile,
Also check your power cable. @shaileshtiwari1164

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Hi @shaileshtiwari1164,

Watch this video https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt for setting your device.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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Thank You for Your Response. It was helpfull for me …!

Thank You For your Response. My issue is resolved Now.

Hii @shaileshtiwari1164 i am suggesting you to first go through the process that are show in your mobile application. It is first use your wifi and then use your hotspot for connecting your wifi module to cloud. Please insure that it should be 2.4GHz bandwidth and the hotspot name and password is same as you give in the setup of wifw module. If you go through this process than the bolt wifi module is connected to the cloud and the blue and green LED in module are stable.

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