Unable to connect the bolt device to my mobile

I’ve linked my bolt device to my wifi router which has 2.4GHz. But when I try to link it to my mobile phone, it says “Device is not linked to a product” whereas i find my bolt device on my phone. Both the LEDs turn on as soon as i connect the bolt to supply. Please help me with my query.

If both the LEDs are glowing then it means the device it setup correctly.

There is no separate process to link it with phone.

Please login to your Bolt Cloud via a laptop or desktop computer (NOT phone) to continue.

Do let us know if you face any issue after you have logged into Bolt Cloud via your desktop or laptop computer and NOT phone.

I’ve logged into my Bolt Cloud and I faced no issue. What do i do next?

now create a project and add device to it
you can refer this.

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